What is LokaDok?

Find doctor and book appointment instantly
Find doctor and book appointment instantly

LokaDok is a new healtech startup to help people finding the right doctors in Indonesia. The search is based on doctor’s specialty, & location. LokaDok provides complete information of doctors from education background, practice place and doctor’s schedule. Patient can do instant booking to the doctor listed on the directory.

LokaDok also provides an appointment scheduling software for clinics and hospitals which equipped with fully automated SMS to every patient’s schedule, which can optimize time schedule and reduce no-show. The system can be fully integrated with the partner’s website to provide seamless integrated online booking.

In early 2017, LokaDok launches the practice management system, called OmniCare. OmniCare is designed to fit into many different types of practices from dental, general practicioner to skin care and other specialist. Many clinics have gain benefit from using OmniCare because of its rich features and complete end to end solution. Based on the principle of its name Omni, which means “completeness“, the software is hoped to help clinics to achieve efficient and effectiveness with the fully integrated system. The system also includes all the appointment scheduling system, so it adds another extra feature compare to other similar competitors in the market.

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